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As a budding scientist, Tenea recognized the benefit of diversity, equity, and inclusion in learning spaces from a very young age. As a professional scientist, she discovered her mission to ensure that corporate spaces offered a sense of belonging and growth for all employees, so that they could devote their best energy to what they do, resulting in impactful and applicable products, and a supportive workplace for people to create the most beneficial products and services for society. With almost 20 years of DEI experience, and in collaboration with her team, Watson Nelson Consulting is the current manifestation of this life's work. 

Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography


As a top diversity consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, we serve as the drivers of change in today’s workplace by helping organizations to:

  • Take the necessary initiatives to remove systemic barriers and promote inclusion at work, and within your work product

  • Incorporate diverse perspectives that yield better business solutions

  • Proactively create a respectful and positive work environment

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Building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce is a moral and ethical imperative for advancing equal rights and key to fostering a just society.


A diverse team brings together varied skills, sparking creativity and innovation. It enhances employee satisfaction and reduces turnover, leading to broader societal contributions, while also bolstering the organization's reputation and financial success.


It is essential for every organization to implement a clear strategy to cultivate a workplace that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. This approach is crucial for delivering substantial benefits to consumers, employees, and shareholders alike.

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