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DEI Organizational Assessment and Strategic Plan: Discovering & Charting your DEI Journey




DEI Organizational Assessment and Strategic Plan: Discovering & Charting your DEI Journey is a structured consulting product designed to guide organizations through the earlier stages of developing and enhancing their DEI initiatives. It begins with a comprehensive DEI Organizational Assessment to discover current strengths and areas for growth, followed by the creation of DEI Strategic Plan tailored to the organization's unique context. The cycle completes with the implementation of the strategy and thorough evaluation to measure impact and guide continuous improvement in DEI efforts.

One size does not fit all! All project activities, designs and pricing can be customized to the specific needs of your organization. Let's discuss how we can expand, contract, or edit the services to best facilitate real impact within your organization.


−    1: DEI Organizational Assessment/Discovery

This phase involves a thorough DEI Organizational Assessment to identify the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization. It includes a comprehensive review of relevant documents and data, conducting a DEI-focused survey, and engaging in focus groups and stakeholder meetings. The outcome is a detailed Findings & Recommendations Brief that highlights strengths and areas for improvement in the organization's DEI practices

  • Document & Data Review

  • DEI Survey

  • Focus Groups & Stakeholder Meetings

  • Findings & Recommendations Brief

−        2: Strategic Plan

Following the assessment, the next step is the development of a Strategic DEI Plan. This involves synchronous discussion meetings to collaboratively develop and set DEI goals tailored to the organization’s needs. The strategic plan serves as a roadmap for advancing DEI initiatives, outlining specific actions and objectives.

  • Synchronous Discussion Meetings

  • Collaboration of Strategic Plan Development/Goal Setting/Eval Parameters

−      3: Implementation

This deliverable is focused on putting the Strategic DEI Plan into action. It involves executing the outlined strategies and initiatives, ensuring that the plan is effectively translated into tangible changes and improvements within the organization.

  • Synchronous Discussion Meetings

  • Further Specification of Evaluation parameters

  • Implementation + Management/Collaboration/Advisement

−      4: Evaluation

The final stage involves a thorough evaluation of the implemented DEI strategies. This step is crucial for measuring the impact of the DEI initiatives and identifying areas for continuous improvement. It ensures that the organization’s DEI efforts are not only effective but also evolving in response to ongoing needs and challenges.

  • Synchronous Discussion Meetings

  • Collection and Analysis of Evaluation Data

  • Findings Brief

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